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     Rev. Pam Vesely and Rev. Pam AveryWitham had their first conscious experiences with Spiritual Beings around the age of three. When they met in 2001, they realized how their spiritual paths had paralleled one another throughout their childhood and young adulthoods. Both of the Pams have studied metaphysical and mystical teachings from many religious and spiritual texts and cultures including hands on healing, essential oil therapy, crystal healing, dowsing, breath work, and the healing powers of sound music, and vibration.

     They both live their personal journeys supported by a deep meditation practice and continued spiritual studies. They've both been ordained by the Fellowship of the Spirit as Ministers of Spiritual Healing and Prophecy, and are certified Metaphysicians.

     "Working daily with our Healing Guides, we have been blessed to recognize the 'space between one’s self and others' as a vital reservoir for storing healing energies to be accessed for ourselves and those with whom we work." -the Pams

     Over the years, the Pams have offered a variety of workshops that assist students in delving deeper into their connection with the Divine. They also offer year long programs where students learn spiritual tools and have a safe environment for support and guidance.


From left to right:

Pam AveryWitham & 

Pam Vesely

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